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Annual Function


Note: This event on 8th December 2022 was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances

Monthly Meetings

2022 Schedule 

When: Monday evenings at 7.30pm

Location: To be determined, either online via Zoom meeting, or at the Mentone Activity Hub (observing COVID Safe protocols as per DHHS recommendations). Check for details with the secretary prior to attending.

  • February, 7

  • March, 7  +  Extra meeting 14th March

  • April, 4 

  • May, 2

  • June, 6

  • July, 4

  • August, 1

  • September, 5

  • October, 3

  • November, 7

  • December, 5


Prior to COVID-19, meetings were being regularly held at the City of Kingston's Mentone Activity Hub.  In 2022 meetings have been scheduled monthly from February to December, on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. 
Location: either online via Zoom, or at the Mentone Activity Hub.

At the monthly meetings we plan for our annual event and perform routine administrative organizational activities by the committee.

Upcoming Events

Monthly meetings have been discontinued.


Meetings have been discontinued.

The Mentone Activity Hub
29 Venice Street
Mentone Vic 3194

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