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2011: Education Shall be Easily Accessible to All

Branka Mladjen

Branka Mladjen has a science background, graduating as an outstanding student from Sarajevo University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Branka took education for granted as a child growing up in what was then a peaceful country. She has personally experienced how war not only devastates countries and families but steals childhood and the opportunity for the youth at time of crucial education. During the war she flew to Germany where she had to learn a completely new language.  After 6 years she had to leave Germany as refugees from Bosnia were not permitted to stay in Germany anymore. After three attempts she and her family were finally granted visas to Australia and they arrived in August 1998.  She had to learn a new language again.

Today she works as coordinator of a volunteer tutor program and is very passionate about helping migrants and refugees to learn English and to settle in Australia.

She knows very well what it means to be in a new land, with new language and also the pressure to go out and work.

Kindest regards and I look forward to meeting you

Branka Mladjen


AMES Coordinator of Volunteer Tutor Program

The 63rd Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

9th December, 2011

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