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2006: Refugees and Human Rights
The 58th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

8th December, 2006


Ms Marion Lé OAM, Renowned Human Rights and Refugee Advocate.

Ms Marion Lé spoke on “Refugees and Human Rights".  Marion Lé is a Human Rights Advocate, a Registered Migration Agent, and historian, specialising in the areas of refugee and migration law, Chinese and Indo-Chinese relations, religious studies and resettlement. She is the only legal representative permitted to visit the refugees in Nauru. She has done this on three occasions and successfully represented them so that, (except for one), they now live in Australia and New Zealand. Refugee and asylum seeker advocate Marion Lé has worked consistently and effectively in promoting human rights for over three decades. President of the Indo-China Refugees Association for over 10 years, Ms Lé has visited the refugee camps of Thailand, Afghanistan, and Malaysia and Australian detention centres, working to promote long-term durable solutions to the problems of the dispossessed of famine and war.

Annual Event 2006 Video
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